• Lincoln Center is situated in the core of Fort Collins, the Lincoln Center is the chief multi-scene performing and visual expressions center in Northern Colorado. It was established in 1978 through a network activity called "Planning Tomorrow Today" that brought about a voter-affirmed $2.2 million capital upgrades charge, with the network raising an extra $300,000 to finish another performing and visual expressions center for Fort Collins. 


    Today, the Lincoln Center is one of Colorado's biggest and most various moderators of expert theater, move, music, visual expressions, and youngsters' projects. It is the biggest Northern Colorado moderator of broadly visiting Broadway musicals, huge name acts, music and parody, family occasions, and move. Likewise, its locale accomplices, for example, OpenStage Theater, Canyon Concert Ballet, Larimer Chorale, The Fort Collins Symphony and Debut Theater help make the Lincoln Center an incessant gathering place for families and expressions and culture sweethearts alike. 


    Following a $8.4 million remodel in 2010, the Lincoln Center is revived, recharged and momentous. The remodel and extension concentrated on improving the supporter experience, entertainer enhancements, and injecting new life into this network treasure. Network individuals all through Northern Colorado have been rushing to see the "new" Lincoln Center, which presently includes rich and extended halls, another housetop deck, a few new and welcoming bar spaces, a lovely new workmanship display and a beginning of-the-craftsmanship sound framework.

    Please visit the business of one of our regular supporters.

     417 W Magnolia St, Fort Collins, CO 80521, USA

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